Wargamer File types


spr Greenius Sprite package. Contains many images compressed and accessed by image index. Each sprite contains background colour, hotspot, shadow colours. Created using getspr utility which extracts images from bmp of iff files.
swg Wargamer Wargamer Scenario Configuration. Every installed scenario places a file in the game's directory. Includes information about where to find the data files and general information about the game.
wgc Wargamer Wargamer Campaign
dat Wargamer Miscellaneous data files
inc Wargamer
hbb Wargamer
hbs Wargamer
inb Wargamer
wgb Wargamer
wgs Wargamer Saved Game
bmp Windows Windows graphic file format
avi Windows Windows Animation
ttf Windows True Type Font
exe Windows Windows Executable Program
dll Windows Windows Dynamic Link Library


Each Campaign has 2 files, name.wgc and name.inc


Binary file containing all the data about the map, units, events. It is created and editted using the campaign editor


Text file containing information about the briefing. It should be possible to work out the format by looking at one of the existing ones. Multiple languages can be supported by using [language] sections, but I am unsure whether this works at the moment. I intend to document the format properly sometime soon.


The following files are used for each battle


Binary file created and editted with battle editor


Text Datafile used by AI. I don't think this is used directly by the game, but must be compiled into a hbb file using the battle editor. Format to be documented.


Binary AI file created from hbs file.


Textfile containing information about the briefing, including historical background, objectives. The same format as the campaign *.inc files.