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This document is out of date. The project now compiles only with Microsoft Visual C++. Support for Watcom is postponed until the open-source compiler is released and can handle templates better

Watcom C++

Use Watcom 11.0b or later


Use STLport-4.0b6... requires some modifications, see my message in Watcom newsgroup and STLport forums Also needs:
Line 136, Enable STLP_HAS_NO_EXCEPTIONS even when -xs enabled because compiler freezes
Line 117, Disable STLP_NO_ARROW_OPERATOR 1

_ptrs_specialize.h line 14: to:
# elif defined ( _STLP_WINCE ) || defined(__WATCOM_CPLUSPLUS__)

DirectX SDK

Install DirectX SDK from Microsoft. Put it in INCLUDE before the watcom include. Copy #ifdef __WATCOM__ section from wc\h\nt\winnt.h into the window's version. THere are 2 sections containing inline assembly. You may possibly just copy the watcom version into the SDK version?


See my example openwg.bat in the config folder. This may rely on 4DOS/4NT

More information

Please read the developer's guide which outlines the architecture and folders.