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The OpenWargamer project makes the source code for Wargamer:Napoleon 1813 developed by Greenius and originally published by Empire Interactive available under the Gnu General Public License so that bug fixes can be made and the project continued.

Possible side projects could be to port it to other systems (e.g. Linux) and to develop new scenarios

Please note that Empire Interactive are not directly involved with this project. Empire Interactive are the exclusive publishers of the original versions of these games. Files on the original game CDs are copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed without permission.

The Game

Wargamer started as an ambitious project to create a series of Historical Computer Wargames at Strategic and Tactical levels. The first scenario covers Napoleon's 1813 Campaign, and was released in Europe in September 1999.

Current Status

Several people are researching data for alternate scenarios. Some programming work is being done to make the editors more stable and usable.

Please go to the main project page at SourceForge for up to date information or read the list of recent changes to the source code.

Civil War:1861-1864 has been moved to it's own project on sourceforge

Wargamer source will compile with Microsoft Visual C++ (version 6.0 or .net edition), and a new release has been made that fixes a few bugs from the earlier Empire releases and bug fixes. It originally compiled for windows using Watcom C++, but the combination of the current version of STLport and the Windows API causes the compiler to crash during compilation. Hopefully the Open Watcom project will sort this out. It is intended to set up build systems for other compilers such as Gnu/Cygwin.


Latest Updates
Open Wargamer File releases
Daily Tarball
Daily snapshot of the Wargamer CVS tree
Civil War patches
Some fairly old patches for the original Civil War
Wargamer Patches
Patches for the original Wargamer game
NapoleonBoat.avi [9.9M]
Animation of Napoleon on his way to exile in Elba. This is part of one of several planned 3D animations that did not make it into the final game.

Developer Information

If you want to participate in the project's development, then please register an account with sourceforge and then email

Some documents for developers

How to build the project with Watcom C++
[Out of date]
Developer's Guide
Outline of project Architecture
Files and Datafiles used in Wargamer
List of filename extensions that Wargamer uses, and attempt to document their formats


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